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Privacy Statement


M. D. International Studies (“The Site”) provides relevant information for students who intend to study medicine abroad.

M.D. International Studies’ policies, the site operators, as set out below, is to respect and protect the privacy of site users. The site has a high standard for security and protection of user privacy and allows users to browse without compromising privacy. By using this site and submitting any personal data, you agree that M.D. International Studies will use this data, in accordance with this privacy statement. If you have questions on these matters, please contact us by email:

The Privacy Policy is a document that may change from time to time. For example, when content and new services are added to the site, they may also affect policy. In this case it will be updated to match the obligations set out. Therefore, it is advised to go back and review the policy periodically.

The policies written in the masculine form for convenience only, but of course is intended for women as well.

Registration for Services

To receive a counseling call, you will be required to provide personal information, including identifying information (full name),contact information (electronic address and telephone number) and the like. You are not required by law to provide this information, but without providing the information you cannot receive the required counseling.

Databases and Security

The information you provide when registering to the services on the Website and any other information that will provide later, as instructed by the service type, and any information that is collected about you in connection with services registered for and / or during use of the site’s databases, will kept in the database of the site operators. The operators will use the information according to the principles of the law and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. As the user, you are obliged that all information submitted by you and / or delivered by you in the future is reliable and accurate and that you  register and / or deliver the information by yourself and for yourself only and not on behalf of and / or for third parties. The site operators implementing the use of information security systems. Although such systems  reduce the risks of non- unauthorized penetration to the computer site, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, site operators do not guarantee that the services on the site are absolutely immuned from an unauthorized approach to the information stored therein.

Use of Data

Using the site may accrue data on your browsing habits on the site, the pages viewed, offers and services of interest to you, the location of the computer through which you accessed the site and more. M.D. International Studies keeps the data in confidentiality. Such data, as well as the data you provide when you request a consultation through the website, will be made only in accordance with this privacy policy or under the provisions of the law – for the following purposes:

• To contact you.

• To improve and expand the services and content offered on the site, including creating new services and content corresponding to the requirements and expectations of users on the site, and to change or cancel existing services and content. The data used by the operators of this site will be primarily statistical data, which does not identify you personally.

Providing Information to Third Parties

M.D. International Studies  will not transfer your personal data and information collected about your activities on the site (as these details and information identify you personally) to third parties, excluding the following cases:

– Should you breach the terms of use;

– If M.D. International Studies receives a judicial order, instructing it to give details or information to any third party;

– In any dispute, claim, action, legal demand or legal proceedings between you and the M.D. International Studies;

-In any event that M.D. International Studies shall led to assume that providing the information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to yourself, your property or the person or property of a third party;

– If M.D. International Studies  faces a threat of legal action against them (criminal or civil), for actions taken by you on the site;

– If M.D. International Studies receives a claim or complaint of any law violation, including, without derogating from the above,  a wrong or offense committed against the laws of libel, privacy law, intellectual property law, the Penal Code or the Commercial Torts Law. In this case the site operators will be permitted to pass your information to the party claiming to be harmed by you or in accordance with a judicial order.


The site ite owners use “cookies” for on going and proper operation, including the collection of statistical data about the use of the site, verification of information, tailoring the site to your personal preferences and needs of information security. “Cookies” are text files created by your browser on command from site computers. Some cookies expire when you close the browser and others are saved on your computer’s hard drive. The cookies can contain information such as pages visited, length of time you spent on the site, where you came to the site, sections and information you would like to see when entering the site and more. They may also obviate the need to enter your details each time you visit areas of a site that require re-registration. Information on cookies is encrypted, and site operators take precautions to ensure that only computers can read the site and understand the information stored therein.

If you do not want to receive “cookies”, you can avoid them by changing the settings on your browser. To do this, please read the Help file of the browser. Remember, however, that disabling cookies may prevent you from using some services and features on the site or other Web sites. Moreover, you can delete the “cookies” on your computer at any time. Since “cookies” sometimes prevents you from having to enter usernames and passwords, do not delete them unless you are sure that you included all the details first necessary to use the site a safe place.